Hi! I'm Danielle, a photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm a mountain girl through and through and love romanticizing my life with my surfer dude husband of three years.

I have had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember, taking photos for fun and sometimes for pay part time. When I got to college I decided to study sociology, pursuing my love for the untold stories of humanity, and fueling my passion to give voice to the voiceless. 

Hello & Welcome!

There are many photographers out there and I am honored that you would take the time to consider me and my work.
I can't wait to create something magical and wonderful with you <3

It all came full circle when I had a friend convince me to quit my corporate job in pursuit of becoming a full time photographer. Something in my bones screamed "this is your path - jump!" and I dove head first into capturing stories and telling visual poetry - weddings, portraits, small businesses and creative shoots - and I immediately knew this was what I was meant to do. 

I'm a girl with an unrelenting love for humans, and I truly believe that we all have a story to tell and a voice that needs to be heard.

Photography allows me to become a vessel in telling those stories. I cannot wait to help you tell yours <3 

My art is inspired by my life - and similarly, I highly value collaborating with you to create art that reflects yours. I am all about capturing real, raw, honest moments and emotions. I will talk with you (and your partner) to understand what story you are trying to tell, and observe everything about you to help tell it honestly. I will offer pose/movement inspirations or ideas when necessary, but really I love a more hands-off approach when it comes to shooting, choosing to let you have your moment, while I observe and capture it through my lens.  

When you choose to work with me, it's not just a day-of process where I shoot and deliver. Rather, we will enter a creative collaboration where we can brainstorm and create something new and wonderful together. Anyone can take a nice portrait with a pretty pose at golden hour. I'm more interested in capturing the human elements behind the pretty picture, so you can look back and see YOU reflected in them, a timestamp in your beautiful story.

You in?

The Philosophy

two styles??

Part of our creative collaboration will include choosing between two general editing styles. As a multipassionate girlie myself, I understand the desire to have it all, and also that there is a time and a place for different types of styles/vibes.

You are welcome to choose two different styles for different sessions, i.e. filmy & cinematic for your bridal session and clean & classic for your wedding day photos. That is totally up to you! 

Not sure what to decide? Through our collaboration process I will ask questions and help you to determine what might be best to achieve the vibe and look you are going for. 

You can also refer back to my portfolio page for more examples of the difference between the two styles :)

Filmy & cinematic

Clean & Classic

A light & clean touch to simply enhance memories as they are captured. A style that truly stands the test of time.

A powerful way to capture not just photos, but FEELINGS. These images will evoke nostalgia and bring you back to those intimate memories at the moment they were taken.